Rise of the Runelords

A Brief Respite

The heroes take some time for individual pursuits


Merrik started assisting Chask Haladan at his bookshop, The Curious Goblin, the next day. He had approached the elderly bookkeep shortly after arriving at Sandpoint, and although initially disinterested, Chask had hired him on as a part-time assistant upon learning of his bookbinding skills. The reason for the change of heart became apparent to Merrik as soon as he spotted the stack of worn and tattered textbooks that Ilsoari Gandethus, headmaster of the Turandarok Academy, had deposited at the shop.

Although Ilsoari had made arrangements at Vernah’s Fine Clothing for the bookcloth necessary to repair the texts, Merrik needed to procure his own tools for the job. Fortunately, the general store was only a short walk from the bookshop. The owner, Vin Vinder, happened to be out on an errand, but his stunningly attractive daughter, Shayliss, was more than willing to help him navigate the store and find a suitable set of bookbinding tools.

“You’re one of the heroes that fought off the goblins at the Jubilee! You’re quite the rarity Master Kinderley, brave and good with your hands.” she purred as they searched through the merchandise.

“Well, it was really nothing, and please call me Merrik” replied Merrik, pleased to have caught the attention of such a lovely young woman.

Shayliss located the toolkit and with a sly smile and a wink, encouraged him to stop back soon. Merrik headed back to The Curious Goblin, upbeat from the harmless flirting, but was intercepted by Alma Avertin, the baker he protected during the goblin raid. Ignoring his protests of work, she dragged him to her nearby shop, Sandpoint Savories, where she piled several pastries in a bag for him.

Over the next couple of days, Merrik set to work on repairing the textbooks. Various folks wandered into the store, but none to actually purchased anything, but rather to sit, read, and discuss various issues. In particular, Sabyl Sorren, Ilsoari Gandethus, and Brodert Quink spent a fair amount of time at the bookshop either chatting with Chask or sitting in one of the several large chairs reading. Brodert was almost giddy with excitement about meeting Craiuk, who shared his keen interest in Thassilonian lore and relics. Merrik enjoyed the sometimes rowdy debates of the four old friends and was pleased when they welcomed his input on topics. He was also pleasantly surprised when Shayliss Vinder stopped by the shop to ensure the tools met to his satisfaction and see if there was anything else he needs.

As part of working at The Curious Goblin, Merrik had access to all the books publicly on display. While the selections regarding arcana and the various planes were quite limited, due in no small part to Haraelm restrictions, they provided useful material for his evening studies back at the Rusty Dragon.

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Craiuk set out the morning after Shar’el headed back to her home outside Sandpoint to find the best local scholar on ancient empires. His queries led him to the home of Brodert Quink. After making his introductions, he found Brodert quite welcoming. The old scholar seemed quite excited in fact to find someone who shared his fascination with the Thassilonian empire. Over the next few days, The two shared the results of their independent studies. Brodert also introduced Craiuk to some of the other town intellectuals, including Chask Haladan, Ilsoari Gandethus, and Veznutt Parooh.

Craiuk also made the acquaintance of one of Sandpoint’s other dwarven citizens, Volioker Briskalberd. Volioker had heard of Crauik’s exploits and sought him out, eager for company with a fellow dwarf. He insisted that Craiuk join him for a showing of the new pay at the playhouse. The show was enjoyable enough, but the dinner afterward afforded Craiuk the opportunity to learn a lot of the local situation, including

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Tenauc reported to Father Zantus, ostensibly to serve as a designated guard for Concordance Hall. Izukdul Shadowaxe stated that this was completely unnecessary, as his squad has everything well in hand. Father Zantus overruled his objections, however, pointing out that their tenure was not permanent. Vexed by the decision, Izukdul made every attempt to disparage the half-orc, but Tenauc refused to rise to his baiting.

Tenauc rose at dawn for mediations within the Reflection Garden. Her duties around the hall introduced her to several of the townsfolk, including Sabyl Sorn and the armorer, Savah Bevaniky. Sabyl invited Tenauc to join her sometime for meditations at her small monastery, the House of Blue Stones. Savah commended Tenauc for her part in defeating the goblins during the Jubilee and offered her a sizable discount on any single item in stock at her armory. In secret, Father Zantus provided her insights into the forgotten deities, including an ancient tome overviewing their teachings that she kept safely hidden in her room.

A couple days after moving into Concordance Hall, Ilsoari Gandethus brought a group of orphans from the Turandarok Academy to tour Sandpoint’s new cathedral. Although some of the children were a bit intimidated by the half-orc, one child, Jhanric Briarstag, was quite fascinated with Tenauc.

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Shar’el headed back to her home outside of Sandpoint, taking her horse(name?) from the Goblin Squash stables. After greeting her folks, she headed straight to the paddock to begin his training as a combat mount. Much to her surprise, she was joined a short time later by her father, Calaith, who had become withdrawn and reclusive following her brother Thrarar’s death just a few short months prior. He watched from the fence and provided the occasional pointer. They spent the next few days working the horse together, and both Shar’el and her mother, Shararen, could see the restorative impact being enacted on Calaith.

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