Merrik Kinderley

A charming and unassuming scholar and storyteller who seeks to keep his sorcerous abilities secret


Vital Statistics

  • Human male
  • 18 yrs old
  • 6 ft, 170 lbs


Merrik is a sorcerer born to a family of Varisian entertainers and tinkers that roamed the Harealm central kingdom territory of Lastwall. Marked by a butterfly-shaped birth tattoo on his left shoulder blade, he was told that he was kissed by Desna, the forgotten goddess still revered by the nomadic Varisians, which portended a destiny of significance. A lover of stories, Merrik immersed himself in the legends of the days prior to the Age of Demons, and he apprenticed as a bookbinder in large part to gain access to more knowledge.

When his prohibited abilities first manifested themselves, the caravan grew concerned but decided to hide his secret. His new abilities led Merrik to become an avid student of both history and the Great Beyond during the caravan’s travels over the next several years. Unfortunately, an altercation in a town resulted in Merrik using sorcery and being discovered, forcing him on the run and his family into hiding. Assuming the alias, Merrik Kinderley, he fled the central kingdom to the frontier territory of Varisia, traveling first to Magnimar. After a brief stay he continued deeper into the frontier lands both to elude inquisitors and seek answers to his heritage.


Merrik can best be described as a gregarious bookworm. He loves the pursuit of understanding, discussion, and sharing. With his extrovert personality, he can’t help sharing things that he’s learned or questions he’s noodling on, even if no one else cares. He is, however, an excellent storyteller and loves relating tales especially to children.

  • very charming but hopelessly naive, especially in judging character and intentions.
    • always tries to identify the best in everyone, easily taken in by a pretty face
  • fastidious and very particular about his thin facial hair
  • a bit careless at times and a complete organizational disaster
  • although raised in a traveling caravan, he has always been uncomfortable with large animals, especially horses
  • his preference is to talk his way out of situations, but Merrik is no coward and will not run from a fight
    • while not very athletic, he is a competent scrapper especially with a staff

Merrik Kinderley

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