Lost Coast Goblins

Over dinner at the mayor’s estate, Shalelu shares the following goblin lore with the party

Goblin Tribes

The region hosts five major goblin tribes

  1. Birdcrunchers: while closest to Sandpoint, living in the caves alon the western edge of the Devil’s Platter, these goblins are the least aggressive of the five.
  2. Licktoad: Located in the Brinestump Marsh to the south, these goblins tend to be excellent swimmers
  3. Seven Tooth: Located in Shank’s Wood, these goblins often raid Sandpoint’s junkyard to rebuild the stolen refuse into armor and weapons.
  4. Mosswood: Located farther east, this is the largest tribe but feuding families within its own ranks hold it back from being a larger menace.
  5. Thistletop: Located on the Nettlewood coast atop a small island that some say holds a passing resemblance to a decapitated head.

Goblin Heroes

Goblins generally live short, violent lives. It’s unusual for a single goblin to achieve any real measure of notoriety, but when one does, it’s well earned. Currently, six goblins in the region enjoy the status of “hero.”

  1. Big Gumut: an unusually muscular and tall goblin from Mosswood who, it is said, had a hobgoblin for a mother and a wild boar for a father.
  2. Koruvus: champion of the Seven Tooth tribe, as well known for his short temper as he was for his prized possession—a magic longsword sized for a human that the goblin stubbornly kept as his own (despite the fact that it was too large for him to properly wield). Koruvus vanished several months ago after he supposedly discovered a “secret hideout” in a cave along the cliffs, but the Seven Tooth goblins remain convinced he’s out there still, a ghost or worse, waiting to murder any goblin who tries to discover his hideout.
  3. Vorka: notorious goblin cannibal who lives in the Brinestump marsh, a “hero” mostly to goblins other than the Licktoad tribe.
  4. Rendwattle Gutwad: obese chieftain of the Brinestump goblins, a corpulent monster who, it is said, never leaves his throne.
  5. Ripnugget: leader of the Thistletop goblins and controls what the five tribes agree is the best lair.
  6. Bruthazmus: infamous bugbear ranger who lives in northern Nettlewood and often visits the five tribes to trade things he’s stolen from caravans for alcohol, news, or magic arrows.

Shalelu notes that Bruthazmus has a particular hatred of elves, and that they have fought on several occasions. To date, neither of them has managed to get the upper hand on the other, but Shalelu bitterly vows that she won’t be the first to fall in their private war.

Lost Coast Goblins

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