Sandpoint has faced many hardships but also great prosperity in its 42-year history. A small town on the Spectremist Bay, fishermen, farmers, and other simple folk make the community one of the rare truly peaceful havens in the frontier territory of Avelaith. Yet, while the townsfolk have known dark times in the past, a new shadow has begun to loom over the unsuspecting town.

As one approaches the town of Sandpoint, the footprint of civilization upon the Fellridge Coast grows more clear. Farmlands in the outlying moors and river valleys grow more numerous, and the blue-green waters of the Vallstrom Gulf bear more and more fishing vessels upon its surface. Passage over creeks and rivers is more often accomplished by wooden bridge than ford, and the Fellridge Road itself grows wider and better-kept. Sight of Sandpoint from either approach (south or east) is kept hidden by the large upthrust limestone pavements known as the Devil’s Platter or the arc of rocky outcroppings known as Whistler’s Tors, but as the final bend in the road is rounded, Sandpoint’s smoking chimneys and bustling streets greet the traveler with open arms and the promise of warm beds, a welcome sight indeed for those who have spent the last few days alone on the Fellridge Road.

From the south, entrance to Sandpoint is governed by a wooden bridge, while from the north a low stone wall gives the town a bit of protection. Here, the Fellridge Road passes through a stone gatehouse that is generally watched by one or two guards—the southern bridge is typically unattended. Aside from the occasional goblin, the citizens of Sandpoint have traditionally had little worries about invasion or banditry—the region simply isn’t populated enough to make theft a lucrative business. Hanging from a bent nail at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge is a sign and a mirror—painted on each sign is the message:

“Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”

The Town

A simple, relatively peaceful town with all the color and common oddities one expects from a tightly-knit community, Sandpoint sits at a point on the Fellridge Coast halfway between Magnimar and Windsong Abbey. Wood buildings and cluttered docks line the town’s natural harbor, while farms and the manors of wealthy citizens dot the surrounding countryside. During the day, fishing, farming, lumbering, glass-making, and shipbuilding occupy most of the townsfolk, who commonly retire to their homes by way of Sandpoint’s many taverns. A playhouse and would-be museum make unusual attractions in such a small community, but Sandpoint’s true landmark is the Old Light, a lighthouse of ancient origins that lies in ruins.

While devoid of many of the dangers of a true frontier town and intrigues of a sprawling city, Sandpoint has nonetheless had its share of troubles. The fading scars of a recent terror still linger, a time most folk refer to as the Trinity of Sorrows. The trouble began when horrific nightmares inflicted most of the citizens on the same night just over eight years ago. The first event was the apparent suicide of Frensetta Surand. Then just a few days later, a madman began stalking the streets of Sandpoint, killing dozens. Known as Chopper, the killer’s month-long terror ended bloodily when an eccentric local artisan was revealed as the murderer and killed during his attempted capture. Finally, less than a month after Chopper’s terror had been ended, the local chapel burned to the ground in a conflagration that nearly consumed the town’s northern half and left the local priest dead.

The Law

Kendra Deverin has served as Sandpoint’s mayor for the past eight years. Lawmaker, judge, and general peacemaker, Deverin has proven to be both an adept diplomat and stern hand when need be —skills likely honed during her youth in Magnimar and adventuring in the region. With a personal —some say sisterly—style of governing, Kendra holds the abiding respect of most of Sandpoint’s people, charming them with her fiery temper and tenacity for justice (as demonstrated during the Trinity of Sorrows). A council of several of the town’s most respected and affluent landowners aids Deverin’s work. While several councilmembers have their own agendas and visions for the town, the mayor’s no-nonsense attitude assures that council decisions ever work toward the common good.

Meting out the town’s good justice, sheriff and councilmember Belor Hemlock keeps watch over Sandpoint’s people. Held as something of a local hero, Hemlock is lauded with being the man who brought the serial killer, Chopper, to justice. Although rarely faced with misconduct more severe than vandalism and public drunkenness, the sheriff is both a keen wit and a skilled swords-man, and openly proves both when the rare crime requires it. While the town’s chief enforcer, Hemlock knows the difference between the word of the law and its intent, and often gives those under his protection the benefit of the doubt.

Key Locations

Red Dog Smithy Local foul tempered blacksmith of considerable skill
Savahs Armoury Stocks all manner of weapons and armour, including some exotic items
The Feathered Serpent The owner of this shop stocks many relics and tools of the adventuring trade
The Pillbugs Pantry Medicine and potions
Bottled Solutions Alchemist of questionable skill
The Way North Well stocked proprietor of maps and sea charts of the local area
The Curious Goblin A surprisingly complete bookshop
General Store Sandpoint’s oldest and best stocked general store that sells a little bit of everything
Goblin Squash Stables Stables run by a retired hunter who has a legendary hatred of goblins
Vernah’s Fine Clothing A clothing shop owned by a beautiful half-elf
Sandpoint Boutique Large Boutique store that sells clothing, artwork, toys, books and tools
Jeweller Sandpoint’s Jeweler
Locksmiths Renowned in town for it’s dwarven smiths craftsmanship
Sandpoint Savouries Local bakery
Grocers Hall Guild that sells produce from nearby farms
Sandpoint Market Mostly empty save twice a week when vendors come from Magnimar and beyond
Concordance Hall Recently rebuild cathedral and memorial
Sandpoint Boneyard Quiet Cemetery
Sandpoint Garrison Home to Sandpoint’s guard and militia
Sandpoint Town Hall Bureaucratic office and town meeting place
Turandorok Academy School run by a retired adventurer and wizard
Junkers Edge Garbage is dumped and piled over this remote cliffside
Sandpoint Theatre A massive playhouse that competes with many in Magnimar in terms of quality
The Pixie’s Kitten The town brothel
The White Deer Inn Spacious and comfortable inn with an and impressive view of the Vallstrom Gulf
The Rusty Dragon Tavern and inn that’s popular with adventurers
Risa’s Place Out of the way tavern run by a colorful elderly lady
Cracktooth’s Tavern Bar that also has a large stage for frequent acting and singing performances
The Hagfish One of Sandpoint’s most popular taverns, especially with fisherman and gamblers
Fatman’s Feedbag A notorious taproom known for its frequent brawls
Rovansky Tannery Maker of fine finished leather goods
Sandpoint Glassworks One of Sandpoint’s oldest and most profitable industries. Owned by Kaijitsu’s
Scarnetti Mill Produces flour and grain for local farmers. Owned by the Scarnetti family
Sandpoint Lumber Mill Busy lumber mill
Two Knight Brewery Responsible for producing Sandpoint’s mead, ale and rum
Carpenters Guild Almost every building in Sandpoint has been built by this powerful guild
Wheren’s Wagons Workshop that makes various types of wagons and carts
Sandpoint Mercantile League Performs various administrative functions. Owned by the noble houses
Sandpoint Shipyard Shipwrights, ropemakers and sailmakers toil away in the three dry docks here
Valdermar Fishmarket Locals can shop amongst the day’s catch here
Sandpoint Meat Market Slaughterhouse and market that sells a multitude of meats
Gorvi’s Shack Sandpoint’s troublesome dungsweeper
Sage Expert on ancient Thassilionian lore
House of Blue Stones Monks holy house that is said to have a very complete library
Madame Mvashti’s House Residence of an aged Varisian historian and seer
Hanna’s Towns healer
Valdermar Manor Noble family that are well connected to Sandpoint’s shipbuilding and fishing industry
Scarnetti Manor Sandpoint’s most infamous noble family, they control the mills and lumber industry
Kaijitsu Manor A family that originally came from distant Tian Xia, they own Sandpoint glassworks
Deverin Manor Sandpoint’s Mayor comes from this noble house


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