Tsuto Kaijitsu

Estranged bastard son of Lonjiku's wife


Male Half-elf


Something of a scandal when he was born a year before Ameiko, since he’s a half-elf – neither of his parents are elves. It was obvious that old Lonjiku wasn’t the boy’s father, and his rage at the discovery of his wife’s indiscretion was the talk of the town for months. Lonjiku’s wife, Atsuii, never revealed who the father was, and it’s a testament to Lonjiku’s stubbornness that they remained married. Tsuto was handed over to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside of the Kaijitsu family, ignored by his father and forbidden visits from his mother. Ameiko starting visiting him in secret once she learned about his existence at the age of 10, visiting him a few times a month to keep him company, bring him some food, and promise him that someday things would get all sorted out. That all changed when they had a terrible argument in which Tsuto struck Ameiko. A year later when his mother died, Tsuto was quite public in his opinions that his father had pushed Atsuii off a cliff to her death, and during the funeral there was a confrontation. Lonjiku nearly broke Tsuto’s jaw with his cane, after which Tsuto cursed him and left Sandpoint.

Tsuto Kaijitsu

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